Adjustable Powder Knob

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The DAA Click-Adjustable Powder Knob makes setting and adjusting your powder charge much easier and more precise. And it looks so cool too!

The large 30mm round, aluminum machined and laser engraved knob is knurled around the outer edge making it easy and convenient to rotate the bolt and adjust the charge. The two piece system includes a spring and steel ball which clicks over serrations in the back of the knob, creating loud audible clicks which allow you accurately rotate the dial in steps of 20deg, 18 clicks per rotation. These adjustments are easily minute enough for any practical adjustment of the measured powder charge.

The laser engraved dial indicates direction for increasing or decreasing the charge, and the numbers allow you keep track of what the correct position should be for one load or another.

The DAA Click-Adjustable Powder Knob assembled in minutes on your existing Dillon powder dispenser adjustment bolt.

Watch the video for assembly instructions.


Please note:

Our assembly is “drop-on” ready to use on Dillon’s small/standard Powder Bar (as used for all pistol and most rifle loads). However, for the larger Magnum Rifle Powder Bar, you will need to drill a 4.5-6mm hole for the spring and ball in the powder bar itself, using half the length of the spring provided. See attached picture.


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