Front Arm Ergonomic Vertical Grip

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The FVG5B Five Position Folding Forward Grip switches into five positions that provide comfort and and support.
The Folding Forward Grip is a five-positioned folding grip, made of polymer, shaped ergonomically for comfort. The FVG5B switches from a traditional vertical grip to a multi-positioned grip in a 180 angle.  This grip provides a secure compartment for holding batteries.

Equipped with a side push button allowing for user to shift in between different grip positions
Made with a clamp-locking system for secure lockdown on picatinny rails
Comes with a wedged storage compartment
Grip folds between a vertical and horizontal position for stability
FVG5B Five Position Folding Forward Grip Measurements
Width: 1.65"
Height: 4.72"
Weight: 4.23 oz.


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