PDR Low Ride Holster

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The Double-Alpha PDR Low-Ride Holster is a quick draw Kydex holder, with an injection molded base for strength and durability. It offers a smooth and uninhibited draw, and a wide range of adjustability.

Unlike most other Kydex holsters, the Double-Alpha PDR Holsters have an additional inner suede leather lining to protect your valuable firearm from wear and scratches typical to other Kydex holsters. This inner suede leather lining ensures a smooth draw, and a firm retention when the holster is tightened up.

Tension adjustment is done by turning a single screw by hand, without the need for any tool or aid. The adjustment ranges from very loose(*), to almost locked tight with just a few turns of the tension knob.

The wide range of adjustability originates from the newly designed Low-Ride belt hanger to which the body of the holster is attached. This hanger is compatible with both 1.5” and 2” belt sizes, and can easily be changed back and forth from one size to the other.

The hanger offers a height adjustment range of over 8 cm, as well as a 3 position tilt angle adjustment. For those wishing to position the holster further from the body – longer screws with disc spacers are included.

Available for right or left handed shooters, in Black only. Models currently offer for the following firearms:
CZ SP01, Glock, Sig 226/228, HK USP, S&W M&P, Springfield XD, 1911 Gov.

* Keep in mind that new leather or suede lined holsters do not release as smoothly as they will once worn in. You can improve this from the start by applying some oil or leather-slick to the inner lining.


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