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Magnetic pouches are handy devices, and provide a real advantage on those stages were you need to pick up multiple magazines at the start of a stage.

Of course, the one problem those “stand alone” magnetic pouches create, particularly for Standard and Production class shooters, is that they take up space on your shooting belt, and force you to move your other pouches further back, to stay legal behind the hip bone.
To address this problem, we are pleased to now offer the new DAA Magnet and pouch combo.

This offers you a new and complete DAA pouch, onto which we have solidly mounted one of our super-strength magnets, to allow you to snap-up that extra mag onto the front of your pouch, without taking up any space on your belt!

The magnet is mounted to the base of the pouch, to ensure it remains rigid and solid when you place or draw off those magazines against the pull of the magnet. The pouch itself functions normally, expect for a restriction in the amount of tilt back allowed.

Our magnet is mounted using a rubber coated aluminum bracket, which is wrapped around the pouch, leaving the box pouch untouched.


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